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Our Wholesale starter packs are a great way to stock up your store with a range of our most popular jewellery. By choosing this pack, we are making the difficult decisions for you. We carefully select, package and post the most suitable and best selling necklaces. And because you are buying in bulk, there are huge savings to be made compared to buying singular items.


This pack comes with 100 necklaces of 10 different designs. (10 necklaces per design)


Important information

- All necklaces are alloy material 

- All necklaces are on a 45cm chain.



Please note that with this package we choose the items that are sent out. If you wish to choose the items, please add single items to your cart and checkout in the usual way.


The picture is to give you a taste of what will be in your pack. Not all items pictured will be included but all items we do put in are active products we are selling on the website. If you would like the image files of the products you receive please let us know and we will gladly email them across to you. 


*Average saving of £50 compared to purchasing the items singularly on the website

Necklace Starter Pack 3 (100 Items)


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